I Watched Oprah

I heard earlier this week that Oprah was going to have a show about the manifestation of dreams. She has talked in the past about vision boards, the Law of Attraction and believing in your dreams to have them come true. I had a very busy week so I taped it and last night at 3:30 a.m. finally got to watch it.

A woman named Tererai Trent was on the show. She is from Zimbabwe and as a child was told that she could not go to school. All she wanted was an education and yet her father told her the boys should learn and the women were only there to get married and make babies.

She wrote her dreams of getting an education on a piece of paper and buried it in some scrap tin under a rock. Today she is living in the United States, has a bachelor's and a master's degree and later this year will have accomplished her lifelong dream of getting a PhD.

If a gal more than 10,000 miles away with just a dream can ask, believe and receive, surely we can too.

Today I will write down my dreams and although I don't have a current place to bury it, I will put it under my bed and sleep on it every night. As my dreams come true I will check them off. I will add to them as time goes on as well. I'll keep you posted!!!


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