Chapter 1 Life Lesson #2 Exercise: Mastering LOA

I said HERE that I was going to do the exercises from the book  Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction and, so, here is the exercise from Life Lesson #2: What You Think and What You Feel Are Always a Match.

1. The first part of the exercise said to "Make a list of all the limiting beliefs and feelings you currently have around the desires you've identified. These are nothing more than habits of thinking you've had up to this point...thoughts you keep having over and over again."

The list of negative thoughts for part 1 of this exercise have been deleted/purged/done away with as part of item #3 in this exercise!

2. Part two of the exercise is to "take those limiting beliefs and thoughts and deliberately replace them with a list of thoughts that support who you are, who you want to be and what you want in your life. Go back to your Journal, and for each limiting belief you identified, list your new thoughts that support what you want."
+ New Thought- I make great decisions!
+ New Thought- I always think things through before trying them. I have a perfect plan ready to execute.
+ New Thought- I may not be the fastest, but I will always make it to the finish line. I always at least make an attempt!
+ New Thought- I can do it today! There is no reason to wait!
+ New Thought-I will succeed! All I have to do is start the project or work on the goal and I will succeed!!!
New Thought-All that truly matters is that I did my best. The opinions of others is irrelevant. Only I can make my path, only I can live my life. Only I can take the steps needed to be happy.
+ New Thought-Who cares? Others can't live my life for me. I have to make my own decisions and do what is right FOR ME!

3. Part three of this exercise is to release the list of limiting beliefs and thoughts by burning them, tearing them up, etc... For this part I've simply deleted the negative thoughts. That's why #1 has the sentence about part 3 in place of the list of negative thoughts :)


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