My Plans for Once I Become a Millionaire

lots of money in a pile 
Here are my plans for what I will do once I get my millions:

- I will travel more often and take pictures to share on my websites
- I will craft more
- I will cook better meals
- My place will already be clean and organized but I will maintain it
- I might write a book if the mood strikes me
- I will schedule more days at the spa
- I will enjoy more nights out
- I will work out daily
- I will take a lot more photos and share them with the world
- I will help out at the Spring because no one should be scared of their home situation. 
- I will continue writing articles and blogs and posting things to Facebook
- I will do more to help my mom launch her business/ take her business to the next level
- I will probably buy a house and two new cars
- I will probably go back to school an get my master's degree and my PhD to be a professor
- I might have kids 
- I will get a dog
- I would buy two bicycles for me and my husband to ride
- I would go camping


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