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I Will Be Healthy and Fit

I love junk food, but it doesn't love me. I want to love healthy food and have it love me back. I want to enjoy working out and working towards getting fit. I want to desire pushing myself to physical extremes and getting stronger every day for it. I want to be healthy and be fit!

My Hope for Tomorrow and Everyday Going Forward

I want to wake up in the morning so motivated to work that I get a lot of stuff accomplished. I want to knock things off my to do list left and right so fast that people will wonder what's up. I want to write all of the articles I need to write for my deadline by the end of the day tomorrow. I want to schedule blog posts on all of my blogs and set up my website once and for all. I want to start every day of this week and every day for the rest of my life motivated to work towards the goals I have always had for myself. I want to be so accomplished that even I won't believe how much stuff I have done.

All I Really Want

Like most people I'm sure I can sum up everything I have ever wanted into one single word. That word is happiness. I want to be happy. I want my life to reflect a state of happiness. I want my relationships to be happy. I want my job to be happy. I want my financial state to be happy. I want my heart, my mind, my body, my soul to be happy. I want to be a happiness magnet and I want to make others around me happy. I want happiness all around me. True, honest, deep seeded happiness!

Chapter 2 Life Lesson #3 Exercise: Mastering LOA

  I said that I was going to do the exercises from the book  Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction and, so, here is the exercise from Chapter 2, Life Lesson Life Lesson #3 which is "Where You Currently Stand is Perfect": The exercise is to think about some negative things going on in my life right now and choose one to completely release from my mind. It suggests writing them down and then choosing one to release. I choose to release my financial situation. I choose to think of myself as wealthy right now instead of up to my eyeballs in debt!