Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Will Be Full of Abundance

 Living the secret New Year 2013 
Welcome 2013 and all of your riches! 2013 Will Be Full of Abundance!!!

by Kelly Athena (Source for this Poem)

I am a powerful magnet

What I keep picturing, I’ll get

Whether a secret or a well-known fact

What I focus on, I’ll attract

Whatever I’m feeling strongest about

will come to me without a doubt

If I see it inside repeatedly

It will show up outside—it’s a guarantee

Friday, December 7, 2012

Affirmation of the Day - I Will Get a Dog

Chihuahua image 1 
chihuahua image downloaded from

I will get a dog. I will get a dog. I will get a dog. Seriously! How frikkin' cute is this little ball of fur? I want a black chihuahua! So cute! I shall name him Czarawr but call him Czar for short. 

Chihuahua image 2 

 AHHH! Even more cuteness. I will get a dog! I will get a dog! I will get a dog!

Chihuahua image 3  
chihuahua image downloaded from

I'm going to get a dog and make it cute toys and homemade dog treats and spoil it like crazy!! Thank you for my dog! I'm looking forward to playing with my cute little dog from now on!