The Prosperity Game - Day 15

You know, the more I play this game the more I'm fascinated by how I'm seeing I don't really need a lot of money to be happy. By the end of this game I will have received and spent $66,795,000. The funny thing is I already know how my husband and I could easily live off of just $1,000,000 for the rest of our lives. We already have discussed how we would need to invest and save to do just that.

Nonetheless, I have been given $15,000 today from the Bank of the Universe. So, what am I going to spend it on today? Well, we left for California yesterday but only made it about two hours away from home. We began spending money on a hotel, a massage, a full spa day and gas. We also spent money on a bunch of food and drinks and bought some new clothes.

Even after all of that splurging we had about $10,000 left. Since the rule of the Prosperity Game is to spend ALL of the money as you receive it we gave that $10,000 that was leftover to my mother.

Today we have $15,000 to spend!!! We will probably spend another bit of money on drinks, food, a fancy hotel and gas and make our way up to Georgia. We'll get a fancy shmancy hotel room. I'm thinking the St. Regis Hotel Atlanta (pictured above)! Our stay will require a two night visit at $610 per night. We'll pay up front so we will have about $13,500 left after taxes and tips. We'll dine at the Astor Court for at least one meal and get some room service for a couple of meals. I suspect that after dining for today we'll still have about $12,000.

What to do with this money? We'll hit the town and catch a show and even after that I trust we will have $11,000 left.

Since we HAVE to spend the money today I think we will just give the money away to strangers. That will be an absolute blast =)

Want to know how to play the Prosperity Game yourself? Check it out HERE


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