The Prosperity Game - Day 17

So, today we have $17,000 that has been given to us by the Bank of the Universe that must be spent in one day. We have been having a blast buying fancy meals, drinking yummy cocktails and getting pampered and decked out in new threads in Atlanta, GA.

We’ll start making our way to Tennessee today but might spend a lot of the day sight seeing and exploring all over Georgia first. It will take about two to four hours to drive from here to our stopping point in Tennessee so we’ll take pictures of silly souvenirs and do touristy things and goof off before finding lodging for the night.

I suspect that with lunch and our goofing off around Georgia we will still have at least $15,000 to play with for our final destination tonight. So, we will find another fancy hotel to stay in tonight and it will most likely be another two night required stay. So, after what I am guessing will be another $1500 for two days paid up front we will have $13,500 left.

We will most likely only need another $500 for a very fancy dinner before bed so we will have $13,000 left that has to be spent. Oh! I’ve got the perfect idea! We will pay the hotel bills for a few people. Then, we will head to a restaurant and pay people’s tabs. Lastly, we will buy a round of drinks for everyone at a bar. We will keep being the life of the party until we run out of that $13,000!!

It’s so nice being able to be this generous with complete strangers now that we have all this money to spend and money that will be coming to us quickly and easily from now on! 

Want to know how to play the Prosperity Game yourself? Check it out HERE


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