The Prosperity Game - Day 18

Wow! What fun we had on Day 17. We gave away $13,000 to complete strangers, had a fabulous day of site seeing in Georgia, a delicious meal in Tennessee and now have $18,000 to play with today.

Today is day two in Tennessee because of the two night required stay in our fancy hotel room. We’ll site see in the area and get all touristy here. After breakfast and lunch and the site seeing we will most likely still have $17,000 to work with.

I think today we will take the money and find a charity in the area that we feel is a worthy cause and ask to tour the facility and then present them with the $17,000 at the end of the tour. Just the idea of this gets me so excited. I love being able to have enough money to give back to the community. I feel like having this kind of coin is really enabling me to be the charitable woman I always wanted to be!

Want to know how to play the Prosperity Game yourself? Check it out HERE


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