The Prosperity Game - Day 7

clothes dryer 

My mom's clothes dryer broke today. Therefore, with the $7,000 the Bank of the Universe gave me today my first order of business is to purchase a clothes dryer for her! I figure the cost of this will be about $500 so I'll have $6,500 left over. Since I have lots more money coming to me again tomorrow and every day for the rest of my life quickly and easily I'll give my mom another $1,000 to do with whatever she chooses. This leaves me $5,500.

I'll spend $500 on organic groceries and food to last me the month and then I'll have $5,000 left to put towards my debt. Thanks to the money I've been receiving my debts are down to $36,500 and with the $5,000 I'll be using to pay it down further from today I only owe $31,500!!! I love the money coming to me so quickly and easily and am so grateful more is coming tomorrow :)


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