The Prosperity Game - Day 40

thorncroft inn martha's vineyard 

 I guess we didn't really think about the fact that getting to Massachusetts didn't mean we were done driving... We have another four hours of driving today from Concord, MA to Nantucket Island and Martha's Vineyard for our weekend stay... We are headed to the Thorncroft Inn for three nights at roughly $425 a night. With our $40,000 for the day we will go ahead and pay the full three nights today.

We will most likely charter a boat to travel to a few of the lighthouses today but with it being in the low 30s we'll probably spend most of the day in our room with the fireplace blazing.

We'll figure out a place to eat but even after all of the boating, touring and all that jazz, we probably will still have around $35,000 left to play with.

What will we do with it? Hmmm....what about just giving it to the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce for upkeep of the Lighthouses? Yep! That's what we will do!

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