The Prosperity Game - Day 43

Hawaii map 

Jeremy and I are over the cold! So, we're going to leave the freezing temps today! We're going to give away all of our clothes except for a pair to wear today. We are also going to give away our car. Why? Because today we are flying to Hawaii!

Now, we had planned on traveling to California by car and THEN flying to Hawaii, but the cold is just tooo much for us right now. So we are going to Hawaii for at least a month! Maybe we will just drive from California BACK. LOL

We're going to travel first class from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts to Honolulu, Hawaii and will be flying ALL day. So, we'll be mainly spending money on food and air travel today...

We'll stay in the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel in Honolulu for $202.43 tonight and our airline tickets will be $2,696.60 and we'll have about 3 hours between flights at one stop and an hour and a half between the other flights and there are THREE STOPS!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH. hahaha

At each stop we will probably eat and grab some drinks and since we gave away everything we'll buy stuff like luggage and clothes and what not.

By the end of the day we will also need a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and we're just going to go all out and take a damn limo to the hotel! Why not? We can so we will!

After ALL of this traveling and spending we'll probably STILL have at least $30,000 to spend and we're just going to give it all away on Kickstarter!!!

As of today, Jeremy and I still have $229,250 in Savings Bonds toward our retirement!

Want to know how to play the Prosperity Game yourself? Check it out HERE

Thank you for the money constantly coming to me quickly and easily. In my daily life I am attracting abundance. I am a money magnet. I always have enough and am always attracting positivity and exciting adventures. I can afford to travel and do all the things I want to do daily.

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