Monday, April 8, 2013

Chapter 2 Life Lesson 5 Exercise: Mastering LOA

LOA chicken soup book 

I said that I was going to do the exercises from the book  Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction and, so, here is the exercise from Chapter 2, Life Lesson Life Lesson #5 which is "Call in Your Team":

The exercise is to answer some questions about "your team" and here are my answers:
1. Who's on your team? Mainly my husband.
2. What role do you want them to take on with you? I want him to be my partner 50-50 in absolutely everything. I want him to be my equal, my rock, my love.
3. How do you want them to support you? I want him to travel with me all over the world and help me make money to fulfill OUR dreams of seeing everything we want to see and doing everything we want to do.
4. Are you forcing anyone to be on your team? No, I'm never forcing him and he never forces me. We encourage each other to keep going towards our dreams sometimes, but we never force one another to do anything WE don't want to do.
5. Who else could you find that's more suitable? People could come in and out of our lives as assistants to the team of me and my husband, but no one will ever have a permanent role. We are a two person team that is strong by ourselves but we always welcome help now and again and recognize when we need it and can't accomplish something towards our foals on our own.


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