Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Want Clocks to Not Matter

Today I cost my family money because I over slept. Basically, at my husband's job if you are late to work the day after a holiday you lose your holiday pay. I hit the snooze button one too many times and boom- he was late and the money was gone all because I couldn't get up on time....

I want to have a life where clocks don't matter. I want my husband and I to have enough money flowing to us freely, quickly and easily that we can sleep when we need sleep, eat when we need food, work when we want to work, do other activities when we get board and on and on we go...

I want to truly be a money magnet and use the law of attraction to set up a life of financial stability that doesn't rely on alarm clocks to boost my bank account. I want to have my work be as much fun as it is now and make my family enough money that my husband doesn't have to work in a job he doesn't like.

He has always said he loves to work and wouldn't mind working until the job is done but that the confines of a set schedule and clocking in and out are what drives him crazy.

What I do for a living has a deadline, but I make my own schedule. As a contracted writer and photographer I do have to get things done by a date, but I decide if I'm going to work on my articles or edit my photos in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Sure, if I'm photographing an event with a set time I have to be there at a set time, but I'm fortunate that my entire work life doesn't revolve around clocks. I want this freedom for my husband too!

My goal is to make it so that clocks are not the false god we have to worship in order for my husband to bring in income.

Thank you for the money constantly coming to me quickly and easily. In my daily life I am attracting abundance. I am a money magnet. I always have enough and am always attracting positivity and exciting adventures. I can afford to travel and do all the things I want to do daily.

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