Monday, May 27, 2013

Prosperity Game Days 82-120

lots of money 

Once again it has been a loooooooong time since I've added an update to the spending of the money we are receiving daily. Just like before we have spent $24,000 a day on savings bonds for retirement.

As of today, my husband and I have $2,010,250 in Savings Bonds toward our retirement! With this we are done buying savings bonds because we feel that is the amount we wanted to save up prior to retirement and even at just 4% interest we will be earning more than $80,000 and have decided we can live off that :)

We spent $2,000 a day on food, entertainment, lodging, etc... On days 82-100 we gave the rest of the money away to folks attempting to live their dreams on miscellaneous crowdfunding websites. One days 100-120 we bought real estate! Lots of it- condos and small homes to rent out for investment purposes.

Want to know how to play the Prosperity Game yourself? Check it out HERE

Thank you for the money constantly coming to me quickly and easily. In my daily life I am attracting abundance. I am a money magnet. I always have enough and am always attracting positivity and exciting adventures. I can afford to travel and do all the things I want to do daily.

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