Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stop Waiting!


Stop Waiting for Things to Happen - Go Out and Make Them Happen

Personally, this is something I've been struggling with for 10 years! Yep, 10 years. Not a typo...I have been wishing and hoping for soooooooo long but when you don't add action to those wishes and hopes NOTHING will happen. Now, I'm not saying to stop believing in the Law of Attraction. What I'm saying is sitting in a corner praying for things to arrive isn't the way to live your life. You still have to move forward. Motion yields things actually coming to you. Although you still shouldn't focus on the "HOW" for the things you desire to come to you, at least realizing what you want and doing SOMETHING towards it can attract those things into your life. 

Walking out of your home and doing SOMETHING allows the universe to see you are ready for action and you are ready for it to show you the "HOW". Hope this makes sense. Basically if you at least start on a journey you have the chance to change the course when the universe pulls you or signals you in a different direction, but if you just sit still you will never get anywhere.

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