What I've Learned from the Prosperity Game

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I've once again been lacking on posting the days expenses of the Prosperity Game. I think I have figured out why. I'm only missing one thing to be at my optimal level of happiness and that is enough money to pay my bills and travel more. Throughout this game the main thing that has hit home for me is that my main goal is to have $2 million in the bank ($1 million for me and $1 million for my husband) and live off the interest for the rest of our lives. Anything beyond that would most likely be used for family and friends until he and I decide to have children. That is the only time I can foresee the need to increase that number.

With my bank offering 4% interest, we would make $80,000 per year in interest. After taxes at least $56,000 per year and for my husband and I we have determined that is plenty to live out our dreams. Sure, there may be some years we want to spend more than that amount, but that is when we would do things to make extra income to be able to do them.

I am happy as can be writing, taking pictures, exploring and sharing the things I see and hear and do. My husband loves helping people streamline their businesses, be more efficient in the things they do and enjoys programming and setting up computer networks for people.

Odds are when we get our $2 million in the bank we will continue working and money we earn will go towards gifts we couldn't buy for friends and family before, events we couldn't attend, toys we couldn't buy, but the bottom line is that even with just the bare minimum in interest we know we could live off of it.

My new goal is to find some way to make that $2 million as quickly as possible and then live off it! I want to volunteer more, goof off more, hang out more, enjoy things more and just be happy. If I write an eBook and sell it for $3.99 on Amazon I'll make about $2 off each book. So, all I need to do is sell a million copies. I already have an amazing idea that I am pretty sure would sell that many. The task at hand is not a crazy or impossible one, so I'm going to work on that.

If more money than that comes into my life, awesome. I'll think of plenty of fun ways to spend it I'm sure. I'm just happy knowing that I finally figured out the number I want to strive for now.

Thank you for the money constantly coming to me quickly and easily. In my daily life I am attracting abundance. I am a money magnet. I always have enough and am always attracting positivity and exciting adventures. I can afford to travel and do all the things I want to do daily.

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