I Want to Break Free in 2014

Anyone who knows me knows that I usually can not stand being at home when there is so much out there I have not yet seen...I spent way too much time at home in 2013-  I have to be around people. In 2014 I WILL break out of my shell once again! I plan to go out more if and when I want to.

Here are some of the other things I want in 2014: In 2014 I want to deal less with debt and have more freedom from debt. I want to worry less and have less stress and more excitement. I want less weight on my body and a more fit physique. I want less sadness and more happiness. I want less suffering and more enjoyment. I want less drama and more fun. I want less clutter and more organization. I want less eating out and more home cooked meals. I want less busy work and more real work that yields income. I want less junk and more structure. I want to travel more and stay at home less. I want to make less wishes and make more of my wishes that I already have come true in 2014.


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