What is Your Idea of Paradise?

What is your idea of paradise? Is it something like the photo above? Is it a mountain in the middle of nowhere with snow covered caps? Perhaps it's a self sustained garden with a cabin for just you and your family. For me, my paradise is anywhere I truly feel free.

A little known fact about me is that I'm not really a fan of beaches. This sucks because I live in Florida and beaches are one of the top things to visit for locals and tourists alike. When family and friends visit, where do they want to go? You guessed it-  to the beach.

Now, let me backtrack slightly... I love looking at beaches and even walking on them, but the reason I don't care for beaches is because I don't want to lounge on them in a bathing suit. Why? Well, inevitably I get sand in every crevice and I can't stand that. It feels dirty and gritty and I want to rush to the nearest shower. This bother could change for me in the future and I really hope it does.

The thing is when I'm sitting and thinking about my paradise, images of the beach generally are the first things to pop into my mind. It was only recently that I realized that what I'm actually picturing when I picture a beach in my mind is a place of freedom and a lack of responsibility. And, it doesn't hurt that these images like the one above are really quite beautiful. Nonetheless, I think that my paradise could be here, on that mountain, in a self sustained garden or really anywhere that I feel free.

I want to be free of the chains that bind me and I'm almost there. I'm free of the standard 9 to 5 as I run my own business. I'm free of a boss because I'm the boss. I'm free of hunger because my fridge and pantry or full. I'm free of loneliness because I married the perfect man for me and when I get lonely I hang out with my husband or I'll call/ email a friend.

The main chain that is still around me is my debts, but I will  pay those off and then I'll be free to really start saving the kind of money I want to save for retirement. However, the funny thing about my idea of retirement is I don't ever actually plan to quit working. My idea of retirement is having enough money in the bank that if I want to take a week or even a month off work I can without worrying about missing a deadline or lacking enough money for food, room and board. Talk about paradise!

I challenge you to get clear on what your paradise is. Only once you figure out what you really want can you ever start planning a way to make it happen. With that said, I'd love to know- what is your idea of paradise?

All my love,
The Famous Ashley Grant

Image source for image above
Photo info- Constance Halaveli Resort & Spa in the Maldives (photo by Flickr User Mac Qin)


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